Guozi IDC intelligent service robot has a complex system utilizing various new technologies such as mechatronic technology, fusing multiple sensors, navigating sensors, planning sensor behaviors and robotic visual. It can be either automatic or remotely controlled. It replaces staffs to finish multiple tasks of dealing with cabinet, batteries, power cabinets and air-conditioners in an IDC room. It has various functions like monitoring the environment, visualizing data, transmitting data, inspecting in 3D scope, managing doors, managing inspection process, getting help from expert to determine the situation, analyzing sounds and warning confirmation, etc. The robot can not only secure the data, but also ensure the safety of staffs in the IDC center.




These days, IDC room and IDC equipment are the main physical components that are required to be monitored. Manual inspections are usually used. Manual inspections rely on the perceptions of people. It is inefficient and unreliable because factors like exhaustion, carelessness, emotions and being unfamiliar with the requirement will decrease the quality of inspection. Moreover, it is hard to guarantee the safety of the staff since it is a requirement for the staff to go to dangerous zone and process massive amount of highly secured data.



With the use of IDC intelligent service robot, there will be a large improvement in the efficiency of data center. It can implement the most efficient emergency measures to deal with emergencies. It is faster, safer and more efficient than manual interference.


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