The application of AGV is fairly matured in car industry. AGV can be applied in outdoor areas as well as 4 different types of workshops, which is classified according to car manufacturing and the working conditions of AGV. The most matured application of AGV is in the main assembly workshop, where AGV is mainly used as SPS or assembling mode. Car body welding plant also has AGVs that mainly aims to transfer purchased parts and sub-unit. In press shop, forklift AGVs and flatbed AGVs are usually used to transfer parts from drop off line.


1.1. 沖壓車間

1.1.1. 生產線后端零件下線(生產線邊到沖壓倉庫)


Using of Guozi AGV can replace manual operate to complete the task of transporting product from punching line to the warehouse. AGV has multiple guiding measures such as laser guiding and magnetic guiding, etc. Either flatbed vehicle or forklift vehicle can be used depend on the need. Both of these models can carry 1 to 2 tons of goods with a speed ranged from 0.6m/s to 0.8m/s.

1.2. 焊裝車間


1.2.1. 分總成零件空間切換(上個工段到下個工段)


選用潛入牽引式AGV,采用磁導航,牽引力2t,速度0.4-0.6 m/s。

Guozi AGV can transfer the parts in welding workshop. It can replace conventional labor to carry the parts to the next workshop.

Flatbed dragging AGV with magnetic guiding system can be used. It can drag goods up to 2 ton with a driving speed ranged from 0.4m/s to 0.6 m/s.

1.2.2. 外購和沖壓零件的上線(倉庫到線邊)


The transferring of purchased parts and replacing of empty box with packed box can be done with the help of Guozi pull vehicle AGV and E-frame. It can reduce the labor used and save space.

1.3. 總裝車間

1.3.1. 總裝零件線邊配送(排序區到線邊)





The material in assembly line is usually SPS ranged materials including purflings, glass wires, instrument wires, modules, housing and motors, etc. The material needs to be transferred from arranging area to the side of assembling line.


Usually flatbed pull vehicle AGV is used. It can carry 1 to 4 carriages at a time. It is guided with magnetic lines. It can pull up to 1 ton with a driving speed of 0.4 m/s.

Load vehicle AGV or pull vehicle AGV+E-frame are other alternatives that is widely used in assembling workshop.


1.3.2. 總裝高架庫零件出入庫(倉庫到排序區或者線邊)



Guozi lifting type forklift vehicles can transfer parts in to or out of the high areas on in the warehouse. It can either transfer the parts to the SPS arranging area or carry them directly to the side of assembling line.

The AGV is guided with lasers. It can carry parts up to 1 ton and lift the parts to a maximum height of 4 m. It travels at 0.6 m/s. WMS system is usually used to give orders to AGVs. It is almost completely automated.

1.4. 室外環境(外庫到生產車間)



Outdoor pull vehicle AGV is responsible of carrying parts from outdoor area into the workshop. The AGV is guided with laser without any mirror. It can be used in rainy or snowy weathers. It can pull 12 tons of goods and drive at 8km/h. With its AGV traffic manage system, the AGV can ensure the safety on its routes.

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